Meet Our past Innovators

2017 Winners

Personalisation Winner

Flux is a revolutionary platform that effortlessly closes the offline to online loop by linking customer data to how they pay, their bank card.

Global Expansion Winner

Trail is a simple, smart checklist for service operations. It’s designed to guide teams through their day with repeat processed and automated integrations.

Brand Engagement Winner

Duel is an enterprise solution for visual customer testimonials which increase conversions and drive high quality traffic to help retailers sell more online.

2017 Pitchers

Personalisation Pitch

Cerebel’s AI-powered search technology enables consumers to discover and search fashion naturally – using their voice and visual references

Personalisation Pitch

ThirdEye brings AI to CCTV. From supply chain to POS, brick and mortar retailers are thriving on being data driven. By utilising already existing camera infrastructure, we allow retailers to analyse their customer’s shelves and deployment of staff.

Global Expansion Pitch

Gyana is a data insights platform that provides on-demand insight on people and places.It’s an intelligent data store built from our network of over 50 data partners.

Brand Engagement Pitch

Fanbytes helps retail brands drive sales and engagement through Snapchat. Utilising their trademarked “Sandwich Ad” format, Fanbytes is helping brands reach the elusive Generation Z audience.

Brand Engagement Pitch

Currency earns from physical activity. Ranked as Apple’s #1 Fitness App in the UK & US Appstores, achieving over 7000 in-app transactions a day.

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