Creating the Retail Recharged Innovation Experience

At Retail Recharged we want to create an event where retail innovation will not only be the main topic but will also be central to the event itself.

We will practice what we preach… retail innovation will be central to the event itself

Our event will bring the cutting edge of retail innovation to a senior level audience, with a number of technological innovations that are designed not only to consolidate a variety of rich content and commentary into half a day, but also display just how efficient such innovations can be for your business.

Below are the three key ways this event is practicing what it preaches and embracing technology in not just the content, but the very heart of the delivery of the event itself:  

The Innovation Lounge.

Retail Recharged has hand-curated the 12 most ground-breaking innovations happening in retail at the moment.  Our innovation lounge will showcase top emerging talent, giving retailers a chance to witness first-hand how each piece of technology works, and how it can be applied instantaneously to business. Fast paced and interactive, retailers will be empowered to make key decisions on innovation whilst enjoying their afternoon tea!

A Bespoke Event App.

A bespoke application, created specifically for Retail Recharged, allowing attendees to instantly gain more information on the keynotes and pitches or download for easy viewing post event. The app also allows attendees to direct message other attendees, exchange details or perhaps arrange a time to chat and connect during one of the breaks. For the innovation pitches, the audience will decide the category winners, who then go on to have a chance of winning “Retail Recharged: Breakthrough Innovator of the Year”. 

Tweet Wall Pro.

A digital wall, will serve as a live aggregator for all things social media related. A hand-curated feed throughout the day, will ensure the best insights and thoughts aren’t missed but instead are shared for all to see. 

Retail Recharged is being staged with one main purpose in mind – empowering retailers to navigate an increasingly evolving, competitive and complex landscape.